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Glee’s attitude towards bisexuality summed up in 60 seconds

transcript of the text bc the video didn’t show some of it for long enough:

  • sap.phic (adj.): of relating to lesbians or lesbianism
  • (same slide as above) glee and bisexuality
  • somehow it matters that dani is a “real lesbian” and not some “phony bi”
  • science has proven that all bisexual girls end up going for the D
  • do i even have to explain why this is shitty
  • glee: shitty to bisexuals since two thousand and always
  • who says that? nobody

Oh look even the non-glee blogs I follow are calling this out yay \o/

It’s also transmisogynist as fuck - they equate dick with men and say shit like “i love lady parts”

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Cats have the greatest emoticon faces ever.

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Hetalia: Axis Powers - Romano